Cant Make Bail? Here’s a look at Prison

People are often curious regarding life in prison. Some wonder whether it is boring or busy and full of fun activities. Knowing what prison looks like is important to not only be able to emphasize with inmates but also have a rough idea of what life in prison looks like should you find yourself behind bars in the future. However, there is a wide range of bail bonds for those who have been locked up and you can take advantage of them to regain your freedom.

Waking up: The door often unlocks at 5.15 AM and inmates are allowed out of their cells. Many of them are often eager to leave by that time because they don’t want to continue spending any more time in the cell where they have been for the last several hours. Inmates can then start their day with breakfast of their choice depending on the options available.

Work: Work begins at 6.00 AM and some are fortunate enough to have an industries job. For inmates, this is typically an eight-hour job daily, 5 days a week. For instance, one can work in the penitentiary’s industrial laundry. Others can work in the maintenance department to ensure pieces of equipment run as smoothly as possible. Inmates are typically paid $45.00 but earnings can go up to $150.00 or more monthly. They can then spend this money on whatever they want (it has to be legal of course). They can make phone calls to friends and family, supplement the food they eat, pay their court fees, or purchase some items that would help to make their lives more livable.

Lunch: Lunch is around noon and inmates eat in a designated hall and menus rotate every 3 months or by seasons. They return to work by 2.00 PM and in the evening they can engage in some physical activity and exercise, such as jogging, walking laps, or catching up with other inmates. They can also opt to study for work or educational purposes.

Dinner: Dinner takes place at around 5.00 PM. Eating this early can often leave inmates feeling hungry in the middle of the night. When back in their cells, inmates can choose to read, write letters to family, or reflect on their lives.
This is what daily life in prison looks like. This life can be quite boring and people are often advised to get bail bonds before they are locked up so that they can live their normal lives outside of prison walls.